"I've had the pleasure of being Brian's test case during his journey in hypnosis. 
Brian's been helping me control my pain, this has forced me to be reliant on strong pain medicine in the past. 
Which has been fantastic as I've been on many different types of very strong medicine for over 3 years. 
With Brian's help I can now control my pain with the standard Panadol, with the rare occasion I have resorted to stronger medicines.  
Additionally he has helped me with the way I look at life. I'm now starting to look at life in whole new light in things, enabling me to move forward without a life of pain.
I look forward to my session with Brian as I find it extremely relaxing."
- Christine


I always loved drawing as a child but something happened around the age of 8 and I lost my confidence and love of it. 
After Brian qualified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner I asked him if he felt he could help me to be able to draw again. 
We did one session and nothing seemed to happen, until 2 weeks later when I felt the urge to draw again, wow what a feeling to want to draw again for no other reason than I really wanted to. 
I didn't feel nervous or feel the need to be good at it. In fact I felt free and tried different things but most of all I really enjoyed the act of drawing. 
It's like having an old friend back that I really love and not a skill I have to prove. Thank you.

- Kristine

Redland Bay

I've been seeing Brian for a short while now and what can I say... I LOVE HYPNOSIS!!
For me it has been "Life Changing".  Why such a cliché?
Because I decided to make a change in my life and the techniques facilitated by Brian using "Hypnosis and NLP" have been an extraordinary catalyst.
Mind, body, heart, health and happiness combined with the deepest form of relaxation I have ever experienced. 
I was originally targeting "Pain Relief", needless to say I have not taken an anti inflammatory since our first session. A powerful statement, but understanding my own limits of physical pain and how it manifests has enabled me to become more active and less dependent on pain relief medications. I do admit to taking paracetamol for the occasional headache.
Now for the domino effect..... No pain meant I was free to be more active! I'm overweight!  I have struggled with weight loss for a long time. I've joined a gym and I'm more active and love my gardening again. It just seems easier to eat the right foods and enjoy healthy living. I don't feel like I'm making sacrifices and I want to keep moving and getting results.
 Motivation ..... this is no longer a dirty word, thrown about by all the do-gooders of today and seemingly the key to everyone's success, pardon the lol! 
 I don't have a problem with motivating someone else to success but would leave myself on the sideline. This is no longer the case. I have clarity and direction and no longer a head full of chatter tiring me out. My house is clean, I'm more organised, my work life is more productive, I'm calmer and so much happier.
 Is there a noticeable difference? Yes there is. My friends and family comment continuously about there's just something different about you lately!  I smile more. I feel happier from the inside out. I'm more confident and my self esteem has never been this buoyant and alive with future possibilities. 
 I'm seeing who I am...... and I like who I see! I'm loving my laughter and the new found freedom and friends I am making. 
 I'm connecting with LIFE.
 Art of Wellbeing- Hypnosis is unlocking all the closed doors for me, but more powerfully it is giving me the keys and the freedom to open and close them by choice! 
 Thank you Brian for helping to change my life.

- Karen