Clinical Hypnotherapy for the World Today.

Hypnosis helps remove the obstacles and limitations to your belief.

Adopt healthier, more productive beliefs. and remember even small weight losses can make a difference to your health.

Hypnotic Gastric Band

Reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and joint pain by  maintaining a healthy weight.

Each program we provide are tailored to your invividual needs.

Sessions are created to flow seamless through and into the many areas of your life with no one person ever receiving the same experience.

If you have a generally negative attitude towards the things you know you’re going to need to do to lose weight, or if your attitude could be better, here are 50 things that you can do to improve it: Think about what you want, not what you don’t.

  1. Don’t wait for a medical or emotional event to force change.
  2. Learn to listen to your “internal dialogue”.
  3. In uncertain times expect the best for yourself and those around you.
  4. Be positive when you are a listener and speaker.
  5. Remember that every positive step you take brings you closer to your end goal.
  6. Be aware of your emotions and intent to minimize emotional eating.
  7. Use positive words when talking to yourself and others.
  8. Be honest with yourself.
  9. Think long term future.
  10. Become more aware of the many possibilities in your mindset and attitude and how they affect you.
  11. Persistence pays.
  12. Always set achievable and realistic goals and be satisfied by each positive step.
  13. Believe that the benefits and change outweigh the effort.
  14. Read something informational or inspirational every day.
  15. Explore the many options to change your scenery and your routine.
  16. Be flexibility enough when things do not go to plan.
  17. Associate with positively happy people.
  18. Balance work and your personal life, family and health, and take time out.
  19. Be congruent of the negative focus of others.
  20. Sleep helps you feel good and function better.
  21. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings – good or bad.
  22. Simplify your life.
  23. Help others by becoming a mentor of what you can achieve.
  24. Find your inner sanctuary and spirituality.
  25. Allow yourself to be love and be loved.
  26. Participate in new physical and mental activities.
  27. Follow the principles of natural holistic health.
  28. Let go of "emotional baggage and begin emotional intelligence".
  29. Remember being optimistic does not mean that you will always be cheerful.
  30. Begin your day by deciding to have one positive day, then another, and another…
  31. March to your own drum.
  32. Use positive mind set affirmations and see if they work for you.
  33. Remember attitudes and memories develop during childhood and taken into adult daily life.
  34. You are you and have no need to compare yourself to others.
  35. Make a list of all the things that you like about yourself.
  36. Be aware of the triggers, to what stresses you out.
  37. Laugh – and use your humor in everyday situations.
  38. Relax and experiment with meditation, yoga, hot baths, listening to music, or sleep.
  39. Remind yourself that failure is someone's created event, and moving forward allows many more new options.
  40. Become a student of life.
  41. Start and end the day with positive experiences into your mind.
  42. Remember success is a process, not an event.
  43. Be grateful. Gratitude is a wonderful habit to get into and it's free.
  44. Choose to be happy.
  45. Look at the positive side of bad situations.
  46. Have belief in yourself .
  47. Read inspiring books to stimulate.
  48. Learn self hypnosis, concentration and meditation.
  49. Remember that every positive step you take brings you closer to your end goal.
  50. If you feel you need help, contact your healthcare professional .

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